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Thank you for visiting. If your practice requires medical records, you've come to the right place. Record Retrieval Solutions (RRS) makes it easier, less expensive, and with a faster turnaround than using your own otherwise billable staff. Record Retrieval Solutions will demonstrate how our 25 years of industry experience will: > Lower your costs > Improve case flow > Improve win rates > Increase customer and employee satisfaction We provide: >Bank-grade strong encrypted private cloud repositories >Access from anywhere to your requested records. >All RRS servers and backup servers are based in the US. >100% compliance with all HIPAA and state guidelines
It's simple. RRS wants to be your medical records retrieval partner. We're more affordable than using your own staff to request, follow-up, and collect your records. You can access them from any internet-connected device 24 X 7 X 365 via our bank-grade encrypted cloud. Give us a try now and we'll sweeten the deal with a 25% discount for the first 30 days on RRS services to all new clients. Next steps: You can set-up an account yourself. It's easy. If you need help with getting started or have any questions contact Ed Colandra  mailto:[email protected] or via phone at 732-558-8904 to set up an account, and start saving money, and improving your workflow today!
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