eXtract MedData

Medical Records Summaries in Minutes

  • Comprehensive Access: Unprecedented access to crucial case details hidden in hundreds or thousands of pages of medical records.
  • Fast Insights: Sort, summarize, and report on medical data in minutes, not days.
  • Reliable Accuracy: Verify completeness of results through statistical analysis.

Working with medical records will never be the same.

As medical records become increasingly digital, so do our abilities to manage and analyze them.

Insurance companies already use AI-enabled tools to better understand medical aspects of cases and find information quickly.

Now, lawyers are leveling the playing field with xTract MedData See eXtract in Action!

eXtract MedData

icon-select-relevantSelect relevant criteria
icon-extract-criticalExtract critical medical data in minutes
icon-build-strongerBuild stronger claims
icon-improve-the-likelihoodImprove the likelihood you’ll get faster, higher settlements

Get reliable answers, fast


Statistically verifiable AI tools deliver complete, accurate analyses.


Quickly retrieve data on injuries, illnesses, medications, lab results, procedures, treatment plans & life events.


Sort records by medical keywords, conditions with related medications, trends & more!


Run reports showing how treatments, conditions and illnesses interrelate and more!


Leverage AI to gain deep insights


Filter thousands of pages of medical records & extract data so you can make informed decisions quickly.


Automatically sort records into meaningful categories with 99% accuracy.


Get customized summaries and reports with links to source records.

Build stronger support for personal injury cases.

Get all the insights you need early and avoid unfortunate surprises later.

  • Quickly assess the feasibility of a new case before you accept it.
  • Spot medical negligence issues that strengthen your case.
  • Provide important context for expert witnesses.
  • Clearly present clinical data to support settlement demands and court filings.
  • Complete discovery and prepare for trial with a new level of efficiency.

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