Peek Behind the Curtain

Peek Behind The Curtain Recently, Record Retrieval Solutions has identified a new opportunity where we will leverage our 30 years of medical records experience. Right now, our developers are creating a new software application which will further simplify the work of requesting, collecting and delivering medical records. It will eliminate waiting for payment, outdated HIPAA forms, and any missing information which can slow down the process by:
  • Streamlining how you receive medical records requests from Third Parties such as attorneys, insurance companies and record retrieval companies
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate calls requesting status
  • Receiving payments for your records quickly before releasing them
  • And more!
RRS would like you to help shape this exciting new solution, and help us make it work for you - simply, functionally and right "out of the box". Your input is extremely valuable and we want to be sure to capture your perspectives, wants and needs. Simply complete the form below. We'll automatically send you updates as progress occurs, and you can choose to add your voice to the solution development. There are no costs, no fees, no commitment. In fact, we are depending on you to help us make the user experience easy and responsive. Both you, and businesses and firms with whom you share medical records will benefit. We know each request is different from another, and as we move towards complete Electronic Health Records, RRS intends to be the leader - but we can't do it without you. We expect to have an opportunity to share our first presentation early in 2018. But for now, let's keep it a secret.

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