A bold new RN is coming to ease the pain of responding to records requests.

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We are leveraging Record Retrieval Solutions’ 30 years of experience to create RecordNEXT, a powerful cloud-based HIPAA-compliant solution built to simplify receiving records requests from attorneys, insurance companies, record retrieval services, and other third parties


RecordNEXT eliminates the hassles and delays in today’s process:

  • All requests are received through a single convenient online portal. No more faxes and mailings.
  • RecordNEXT makes it easy to screen requests for accuracy and completeness.
  • Post progress updates online and put an end to repetitive status check calls.
  • Guarantee payments are made before records are released.
  • Plus more ways to streamline and eliminate the tedious tasks involved in responding to third-party requests.

RecordNEXT brings these valuable benefts and more to medical providers for FREE.

Pay nothing - EVER - while RecordNEXT frees up your time to pursue more rewarding tasks and boosts your enthusiasm for the more meaningful work you love.


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