RRS Announces NEW “Fair Pricing” Model

Announcing Record Retrieval Solutions Fair Pricing

Effective 10/01/16, Record Retrieval Solutions (RRS) will be offering all customers it’s new, industry leading pricing model named “Fair Pricing”. This innovative approach to medical record retrieval is truly a first-of-a-kind in its design and benefits.

In recent months, RRS recognized that more and more medical record requests are being filled via the use of Electronic Health Records or EHR. Even though EHR virtually eliminates the need for handling individual pages of a medical record, many record retrieval firms are treating them as “business as usual”, and charging clients accordingly.

RRS Fair Pricing is more than just a fixed fee for medical record retrieval. It is the combination of three disparate fees:
1) A $35 Flat Fee for handling nearly all of the aspects of a typical record request.
2) Reimbursement of any location and/or copy fees are not uplifted
3) Clients can add low-cost optional actions such as Bates StampingFair PricingFair Pricing