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At Record Retrieval Solutions, we provide a complete medical and billing record retrieval service that frees your billable staff to focus on higher-value, billable tasks. It also allows you to lower your costs, expedite record processing for pending matters and provide hard costs expenses to clients. No billing guesswork, faster throughput, online storage and tracking, and HIPAA compliant processes make RRS your best choice in record copy and retrieval services. As our testimonials prove, the RRS staff is dependable, dedicated, and well-known by healthcare providers. This unique relationship helps us expedite the entire process from the first request to the final uploaded records. You can be confident that all rules of law for compliance with HIPAA and California Medical Records for handling requests, notification of status and eventual online storage in our US-only based servers, are being followed, and documented. Contact Us

Record Retrieval Solutions Professional services include:


The benefits of working with Record Retrieval Solutions include:

  • Rapid response time with documents delivered in an average of 10 business days
  • Vast industry experience of over 25 years and strong relationships with other industry professionals for accelerated return time
  • The option to choose from electronic or hard copy delivery
  • Efficient and convenient online ordering, tracking and delivery system that allows for 24/7 monitoring of order status
  • Nationwide service helps clients throughout the United States lower their costs and increase time spent on billable work
  • Fast, friendly and personal customer service

Simply put, Record Retrieval Solutions, helps attorneys, practice managers, paralegals, legal clerks, insurance claims adjusters and life insurance adjusters remain focused, and practice better.

Whether you are an attorney with sole ownership of a firm or a practice manager for a national organization and you’re pursuing a mass tort, preparing a class action suit or underwriting an insurance policy, let Record Retrieval Solutions take care of your record retrieval needs. Read the "State Bar of California Big News" article featuring RRS @ State Car of CA article (registration required)

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