Claims Retrieval

Taking the hassle out of claims retrieval for your insurance or law firm

Record Retrieval Solutions helps clients throughout the USA and in the legal or insurance industries retrieve claims quickly, easily and effectively. Our claims retrieval services allow both well-known nationwide insurance companies and legal firms of all sizes to access the medical documents you need - when you need them.

Record Retrieval Solutions provides the following services:

  • Cost effective record retrieval from medical service providers or other sources
  • Certificates of no records
  • Bates stamping
  • Direct authorization retrievals
  • Digital and online retrievals
  • Record sorting and summary
  • Reposting archived records to site
  • Delivery of documents to opposing counsel or other pertinent parties
  • Speedy medical and legal document retrievals from all major facilities
  • Mobile on-site medical record copy service in California
Record Retrieval Staff RRS is dedicated to being your go-to record retrieval partner. Whether you have a pressing deadline and need to retrieve a set of claims records quickly, or you’re having trouble retrieving some particularly troublesome records from a facility we can help. And you can depend on RRS to maintain compliance with both Federal HIPAA and California State specific rules. Chuck Dart and the team at Record Retrieval Solutions have more than 25 years of experience in the claims retrieval industry and are eager to improve the efficiency of your business by simplifying and streamlining your claims retrieval process. Outsourcing this process to the leading record retrieval expert will result in lower costs, increased productivity and allowing your staff to spend more time on value adding billable work.

If you’d like to find out how Record Retrieval Solutions can help your firm get a better return on your staffing investment by using your paralegal staff more strategically, please contact us today by clicking here.

We invite you to read an informative article published by the State Bar of CA on Modern Legal Retrieval here.

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