Record Retrieval Solutions’s Medical Records Retrieval Solution

Automated. Compliant. Cost-Efficient.

Our Medical Records Retrieval (MRR) service combines modern web-based technology with a regulations-compliant outsource solution. Historically, lawyers would have to set aside a lot of time to get necessary information for cases involving medical records. It’s not that the process is complex, since every attorney, paralegal, and litigation-support person knows exactly what needs to be done.

Retrieving medical records is actually a very labor-intensive process. Someone at the firm must acknowledge the need for the records, and the firm and patient (who may or may not be the firm’s client) must complete necessary request forms to ensure procedure compliance with a myriad of laws (including HIPAA). Then, the firm must track the progress of the request, and eventually receive, review, and organize the results or note that there were no medical records related to the matter.

To ease law firms’ workflow, IT vendors are now offering sophisticated, affordable solutions for small firms and solo practitioners. These tools include new client/business intake, workflow automation, and conflict management solutions, which aim to increase work productivity, lower operational costs, and improve billing management for MRR expenses.

How does MRR service work?

One of the firm’s employees will first log in to a secure, encrypted website and submit an order outlining the patient’s information, the records being requested, and any other data necessary to complete the request. The MRR solution will then automatically process the request and either provide you with the requested information and documents or inform you that there were no responsive records. This allows lawyers to spend more time on building their cases, rather than chasing record requests from hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers.


About Charles Dart

Charles (Chuck) Dart has been in the Medical Records Retrieval business for more than 24 years. His company, Records Retrieval Solutions (RRS), was launched in 2014 as a service to provide his small/solo law firms with timely, secure capture and online access to their client’s medical records. Chuck has developed breakthrough ideas in the field of medical records retrieval and RRS maintains complete compliance with current rules for processing and management compliance. Chuck can be reached at [email protected] or 866-211-7866. For more information, visit the RRS website at