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Quick records delivery (average of 14 days)


Records delivered through a secure, HIPAA-compliant online portal for immediate, easy download.

We provide medical record document retrieval services for Plaintiffs’ attorneys throughout the United States and locally:

  • Medical records and physician billing records from patient care providers including:
    • Hospitals
    • Physicians
    • Physical therapists
    • X-ray & Radiology
    • Ambulance & Emergency Room
  • Prescription records and billing from nationally recognized and community pharmacies
  • School records and college transcripts
  • Employment records
  • Payroll records
  • Other records - Just ask!

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Experience Smart Medical Record Copy Services

  • Get rid of tedious, time-consuming, non-billable tasks.
  • Spend more time engaged in higher-value work.
  • Stay informed and confident we’re following up fully on every request.
  • No hidden costs - just a fixed flat fee for each request that can be recouped as a case expense

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Experience Improved Case Analysis capabilities

Records Indexes, Medical Records Summaries & Timelines

Eliminate the time and effort it takes to create indexes, timelines, and summaries yourself.

  • Minimize the time you and your experts spend reviewing records.
  • Improve your ability to evaluate a case faster and more accurately.

Medical records summaries are prepared by highly qualified nurses, pharmacists, and physical therapists with the expertise to provide accurate, clear, professional summaries.

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We know plaintiffs’ lawyers are bound ethically and professionally to maintain client confidentiality and protect their clients’ private health data. Multiple security layers protect your data.

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Our satisfied clientele includes:

Professional records retrieval for plaintiffs’ attorneys

  • Medical malpractice suits
  • Personal injury cases
  • Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Nursing home abuse cases
  • Product liability cases
  • Mass torts
  • Class actions

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