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We retrieve medical records nationwide for VA attorneys’ cases

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Do these records retrieval challenges sound familiar?

Here’s how Record Retrieval Solutions solves those challenges:

Record Retrieval Solutions does all the backend work to identify the records’ locations. We keep close tabs on the healthcare providers involved, so we can get to the records you need as soon as it’s available.

Here’s how Record Retrieval Solutions solves those challenges:

RRS does the leg work to determine where the records are actually kept. Records are not always housed where a patient was treated. Sending a medical records request to the address where a patient was treated without checking first, can cause delays.

Here’s how Record Retrieval Solutions solves those challenges:

We maintain an average turnaround time of 16 days, thanks to our streamlined processes and experienced record retrieval specialists. You get a records retrieval partner that does not waste your money or your time.

How we will help you

There is a possibility the VA doesn’t release everything and follow up is needed. The benefit of RRS handling the VA request is if the attorney identifies records are missing, we do the additional follow up at no additional charge from RRS, they don’t have to spend their time doing it.

How we will help you

RRS will identify where the veterans records are kept once the attorney lets us know where the veteran was treated. RRS will do the backend work to identify where the records are kept.

How we will help you

Same as above question, RRS does the leg work to determine where the records are actually kept. Records are not always housed where a patient was treated. Sending a medical records request to the address where a patient was treated without checking first, can cause delays.

How we will help you

Our average turnaround is 16 days, thanks to our streamlined processes and experienced record retrieval specialists.
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We understand the most common challenges faced by VA attorneys and VA cases-specialized law firms

Here’s why we are the provider of
choice for VA medical records retrieval

Specialized Expertise

Record Retrieval Solutions has carved a niche for itself by specializing in veterans affairs medical records retrieval. We are well-versed with the intricacies and nuances of the VA system, making the process seamless and efficient for VA attorneys.

Secure and Confidential

In the realm of medical records, security and confidentiality are paramount. Record Retrieval Solutions employs state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols, ensuring that sensitive veteran medical information remains protected at all times.

Speedy Turnaround

We understand that time is of the essence in legal proceedings, which is why we have streamlined our processes to ensure a swift turnaround. This efficiency means VA attorneys can access the records they need without unnecessary delays and with an average turnaround time of only 16 days.

Comprehensive Coverage

We have established connections with a wide network of VA health facilities. This extensive reach ensures that no matter where the veteran received care, we will be able to access and retrieve their records.


Legal proceedings can be expensive, and unnecessary costs can strain resources. Record Retrieval Solutions offers competitive pricing for its services at a flat $40 per request, ensuring that VA attorneys receive value for their money.

Compliance with Regulations

Our platform is compliant with all relevant regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This means that all retrievals are done within the legal framework, protecting both the attorney and the veteran.

Who we serve

RRS serves professionals involved with personal injury law. This includes small or large firms, solo attorneys, law clerks, paralegals, and administrative staff.

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Law firms

Busy firms work with us to get fast, easy access to complete medical records, so their staff can focus on more valuable work.

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Letting specialists handle your record retrieval reduces stress and saves you money.

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Other professional service providers

No matter your industry, if you require access to stakeholders’ health and medical records, we are your external partner.

Hear from our satisfied clients

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RRS has made the entire process of obtaining records very simple. Their staff is always responsive and helpful. Their website is straightforward and easy to use. I can see status updates on my orders at any time. Most importantly, we receive our records very quickly! We’ve tried other services, and RRS is, hands down, the best value and delivers the best results.

Katherine Marker

Altair Law

Requesting medical records with RRS:

How it works

Send your record request through our secure online portal. Within one business day, we’ll verify your request is complete and accurate and forward it to the medical provider. Our results are fast and consistent because we’ve developed connections with providers nationwide. If it’s our first time contacting a provider, our retrieval specialists have the expertise to find the right people there to facilitate the process and get the records as quickly as possible.


Proactive follow-through on record requests

Starting with confirming your request has been received, we consistently follow up with providers to ensure they are working as quickly as possible.

Occasionally, a provider or custodian refuses to move quickly. If that happens, we automatically persist with numerous follow-ups. We own the process end to end and are committed to minimizing your time and effort.

We know that as soon as we send over a request, the RRS team will start working to get us our records as quickly as possible.

Law Offices of Edward A. Smith


24/7 access to record request status

You can monitor the progress of your request at any time through our client portal. We offer full transparency. All communication with the record providers — every call we make, every letter we send, and all of their replies — is logged, so you can always know the status of your request.

I can access the website and see all of the notes and the progression of contacts and attempts. That way, when my boss is asking about status, I have an answer for him.

Cindy Lema
Shergill Law Firm


All retrieved records are verified and quality checked to ensure:

If we find any issues, we let you know and immediately follow up with the provider at no additional cost to you.
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RRS is very personable with their clients and has great customer service. RRS really goes the extra mile to accommodate my requests! I definitely appreciate how hands on they are. They always return my calls and emails. Fast and reliable service with affordable prices. Satisfied every time.
Operations Manager, Milam Law Inc.

Secure and high-value medical record retrieval for lawyers and law firms

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HIPAA-compliant record handling

We are committed to client confidentiality across our workforce. Your client records are protected by advanced security protocols that adhere to all HIPAA regulations.
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Fair pricing saves you money

Pay a flat $40 for each request while avoiding unnecessary, unfair fees. You can then recoup all costs as a case expense. Learn more about our smart, simple, and fair pricing below.

Simple medical record retrieval with RRS

Our process is as easy as 1-2 !

Submit your medical record request through our online portal, then go on to more important work.

Your records will be available for download through our secure, encrypted online portal.

Certifications and Integrations

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RRS is HIPAA Secure Now! certified

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Our services integrate with Needles and Filevine case management systems.