Medical Record Retrieval Pricing

Enjoy fair medical record retrieval pricing that saves you money by paying a single flat fee for each record request.

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The RRS fair pricing model

At RRS, we are committed to fair medical record retrieval pricing where you don’t get charged for services you don’t receive. This means absolutely no marked-up fees for providing copies of electronic records — whether it’s 3 or 3,000 pages of electronic records produced, we pass the savings on to you.

With our fair pricing model, you pay a $45 fixed flat fee covering all aspects of a typical records request, including:

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Provider's medical records fee

To maintain our seamless, fast records delivery service, we initially pay medical provider’s fees and copy service fees when required. These costs are then added to your invoice. We keep requests moving quickly by automatically sending payment as soon as your request is made.

It should be noted that:

Save even more time with our supplemental services

For additional cost savings and stress relief, opt for these services available at an additional cost:

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Billing and payment options

For enhanced efficiency and convenience, our clients can benefit from our various payment options, including credit card, ACH (electronic payment), and automatic payment where we pay invoices on our clients’ behalf.

With our convenient payment options, you benefit by:

Accurate and fair pricing

We outsourced to RRS based on feedback from colleagues about their speed, accuracy, and fair pricing — they have lived up to the hype! They are by far the most efficient and economical medical record retrieval service we have used in nearly 30 years of legal practice. They free up time for us to handle the more important and significant aspects of our cases.

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Simple medical record retrieval with RRS

Our process is as easy as 1-2 !

Submit your medical record request through our online portal, then go on to more important work.

Your records will be available for download through our secure, encrypted online portal.

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