About RRS

We get records fast because we "get" the records retrieval process from start to finish.


Why Choose RRS

Partnering with us gives you access to a deep working knowledge of important aspects in the records retrieval industry. You reap the benefits of working with reliable records retrieval specialists who know how to get things done quickly the first time because:


We know a lot.

We have an insider’s grip on how all the pieces of the records request and retrieval processes fit together. We know what factors are crucial and which are merely important. We know how to avoid and get around delays and what to say to get exactly what you need.


We listen to everyone.

We understand the challenges and hurdles law firms and insurance companies face in retrieving records. We also understand how records custodians operate and the issues they deal with, which means we also know how to communicate effectively with them.


People like us.

We’ve developed personal relationships with patient care providers and records custodians that significantly speed the records retrieval process.



Our clients like us, too. We take a hands-on approach to working with attorneys, legal staff, insurance representatives and adjusters that results in fast, responsive service that makes them feel truly valued.



Guiding Principles

Our office is located in Northern California, but our records retrieval expertise expands across the nation. We’ve developed strategic relationships with records management leaders and governing institutions across the U.S. that help our team of experienced records retrieval specialists meet our guiding principles:


To stay up to date on the legal requirements for requesting and retrieving records


To stay current with laws and regulations records custodians must follow


To remain at the forefront of developing new records management solutions and technologies


Founding Goals

Chuck Dart founded Record Retrieval Solutions in 2014 with these goals in mind:

  • Develop a single, simple solution that standardizes the records request and retrieval process across the entire healthcare industry.
  • Make the entire records retrieval process easier for everyone involved.

Throughout Chuck’s 28 years of providing record retrieval services, he’s witnessed the continued use of inefficient procedures that cause unacceptable delays. His desire to eliminate the redundancies, inefficiencies, and delays in today’s processes has led him to come up with unique solutions, such as:

  • Creating a single HIPAA release authorization form unanimously approved and accepted by every major hospital in Northern California
  • Developing RecordNext, an upcoming cloud-based software solution for standardizing the records request process throughout the healthcare industry

The valuable insights and ceaseless drive Chuck brings as he develops solutions to improve records retrieval services are unmatched anywhere in the industry.


Talk to Us

Thank you for your interest in Record Retrieval Solutions. The only way we stay in business and improve our services is through listening and caring about the issues that matter to you. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs, please:


Contact us now or call 866-211-7866


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