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Fast and easy access to complete medical records empowering your firm to build strong cases for your clients

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Do you recognize these challenges?

We are overwhelmed by the massive amount of follow-up required when we try to retrieve medical records internally.

Processing large volumes of files, including thousands of documents per case, can be a struggle for us.

Following up with medical providers is a significant drain on our internal resources, taking away from other important case work.

Paying and writing checks to multiple providers to obtain medical records is an unnecessary burden that we face.

How we will help you

At RRS, we understand the challenges that mass tort law firms face when retrieving medical records. That's why we have a specialized team dedicated to mass tort cases medical record retrieval. Here's how we can help you:

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Our mass tort medical record retrieval service

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At RRS, we understand that mass tort cases can be overwhelming to manage due to their complexity and the high volume of documentation involved. However, with proper preparation, favorable outcomes and satisfactory resolutions are more than achievable.

Mass tort medical record retrieval is a multifaceted and labor-intensive process that requires attention to detail and specialized expertise. At RRS, we offer a complete solution that takes care of all the steps involved, including:

  1. Requesting medical records and bills from multiple sources and tracking responses to requests
  2. Following up with healthcare providers to ensure that records are produced on time
  3. Collecting and organizing the information received, reviewing the medical records, and summarizing the key points relating to injuries and harm suffered

With our industry-leading solution and the expertise and scale of our team, you can review large volumes of medical records with ease, allowing you to save time and effort during the mass tort litigation process.

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RRS saves us from having to hire staff to order and track records and bills from healthcare providers, which previously had been very costly for our firm.
Michael Vendrell
Lead Paralegal, Scranton Law Firm

Requesting medical records for your mass tort case with RRS:

How it works

Send your record request through our secure online portal. Within one business day, we’ll verify your request is complete and accurate and forward it to the medical provider. In the event of high volumes of records, our team can set up an integration in the backend that enables us to do everything in bulk, ensuring that your request is handled efficiently and effectively.

At RRS, we have developed connections with medical providers nationwide, allowing us to retrieve medical records quickly and consistently. Our retrieval specialists have the expertise to navigate the unique processes of each provider, ensuring that we find the right people to facilitate the process and get the records as quickly as possible.


Proactive follow-through on record requests

Starting with confirming your request has been received, we consistently follow up with providers to ensure they are working as quickly as possible.

Occasionally, a provider or custodian refuses to move quickly. If that happens, we automatically persist with numerous follow-ups. We own the process end to end and are committed to minimizing your time and effort.

We know that as soon as we send over a request, the RRS team will start working to get us our records as quickly as possible.

Law Offices of Edward A. Smith


24/7 access to record request status

You can monitor the progress of your request at any time through our client portal. We offer full transparency. All communication with the record providers — every call we make, every letter we send, and all of their replies — is logged, so you can always know the status of your request.

I can access the website and see all of the notes and the progression of contacts and attempts. That way, when my boss is asking about status, I have an answer for him.

Cindy Lema
Shergill Law Firm


All retrieved records are verified and quality checked to ensure:

If we find any issues, we let you know and immediately follow up with the provider at no additional cost to you.

Get instant digital access to hundreds of thousands of medical providers across the United States.

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Patient Portals

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What could go wrong if you work with the wrong partner?

Entrusting your medical record retrieval process to the wrong partner or attempting to manage it in house could potentially lead to a variety of negative outcomes that may impact the success of your mass tort case. Here are some potential problems that could arise:

Delayed records and lower case turnaround time:

Working with an unreliable records retrieval partner could result in significant delays in obtaining your records, which could have a direct impact on the duration of your case.

Internal resource allocation:

When a mass tort case involves multiple plaintiffs and a large volume of records, managing the records retrieval process in house could require significant amounts of internal resources, particularly in terms of time spent following up on records.

Overspending on records copies:

If the records retrieval provider overcharges or does not comply with state laws, you may be forced to overspend on copies of records. This could be particularly costly in cases that involve a large volume of records.

Incomplete records:

Without adequate quality checks and follow-up, records retrieval partners may send back incomplete records, which could hinder the ability of your legal team to make informed decisions based on the available evidence.

With RRS, you receive much more than efficient access to medical records.

Transfer non-billable hours — like time spent chasing down record providers — to us, while you focus on performing more rewarding (i.e., billable) work.
Paralegals, legal assistants, and other support staff have specialized training and education that adds to a firm’s value. But that value is not being realized if they are busy with medical records.
Our retrieval specialists can track down overlooked costs such as radiology or emergency room physician billing records.
Records are delivered in easy-to-manage PDF format through our secure online portal. Save space and money without the need to duplicate, store, or ship paper records.

Our record retrieval solutions

for attorneys and law firms

Radiology Imaging Retrieval

Prescription Network Retrieval

Secure and high-value medical record retrieval for lawyers and law firms

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HIPAA-compliant record handling

We are committed to client confidentiality across our workforce. Your client records are protected by advanced security protocols that adhere to all HIPAA regulations.
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Fair pricing saves you money

Pay a flat $45 for each request while avoiding unnecessary, unfair fees. You can then recoup all costs as a case expense. Learn more about our smart, simple, and fair pricing below.

Why RRS is the preferred medical record retrieval partner for mass tort law firms in the US

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More than 30 years in the medical records retrieval business


100% online ordering, retrieval, billing, and payment processes


Once a request is made, the entire process is handled by the RRS team


Quick record delivery (average of 16 days)


Records delivered through RRS's HIPAA-compliant online portal


Log in at any time to check the status of your request

Simple medical record retrieval with RRS

Our process is as easy as 1-2 !

Submit your medical record request through our online portal, then go on to more important work.

Your records will be available for download through our secure, encrypted online portal.