To DIY or not DIY – That is the question

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With all due respect to the Bard, I have taken a bit of liberty with one of his most famous quotes from Hamlet. In this case, it is not about whether or not one should chose life or death. No, our question posed is far more important – whether it makes sense for your law practice to do its own medical records retrieval or not.

And with equal respect to Jane Austen, there is both sense and sensibility to why Medical Records Retrieval (MRR) is better served by a dedicated MMR service than your law firm’s own resources.

Consider the following example of a transaction:

  • Client brings a new matter to your firm for which you agree to provide legal service
  • Client describes the accident or situation which required medical treatment, and hopefully can recall the providers of medical care.
  • The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach typically involves assigning a resource to complete the forms necessary to secure copies of the medical records, executing (email, fax, certified letter, etc) the request, and then conducting follow ups to actually get a response – even if that response is no record found.
  • While that DIY resource is doing those aforementioned activities, and whether those activities consume 30 minutes a day, or 2 hours a week, really depends on caseload and priorities. But one thing is for certain, that resource (which is likely billable) is not doing anything that is actually generating income for the firm, or contributing to its success. They are likely a well-educated, highly paid collector. That is, they are trying to collect medical records, instead of utilizing their training and legal acumen to grow the business.

So what’s the alternative?

In a prior blog, I wrote about the basics of Medical Records Retrieval. Now let’s go to the next step. The value proposition of why it makes more sense to use a service like Record Retrieval Solutions (RRS).

First, we have personal relationships with area medical providers, their process, and most importantly, their requirements. We know when to call, who to call, how to get a response, and throughout the process, ensure we maintain HIPPA compliance.

Next, from the moment that we get your request, we are processing and alerting you of status. While you can check via your provided login and password on the status via our website, our process is active not passive. You receive alerts as the status changes, including ones where there are no records.

Lastly, our fees are low, and can be passed directly to the client, instead of co-mingling with hours of a paralegal, an administrative assistant, or even an attorney. This give you not one but TWO distinctive advantages – you pass on hard costs (at a lower rate) directly to your client, AND, your own resources are free to act on billable activities which actually generate revenue.

Need more proof, contact Chuck Dart at 866-211-7866 for a no-obligation discussion on how RRS can save you money and deliver results quickly. We think you’ll find our service valuable, trustworthy, and reliable, our staff friendly and resourceful, and a sincere commitment to customer satisfaction.

We’ll leave you with one final bit of Shakespeare, from King John:

Some gentle order; and then we shall be blest

To do your pleasure and continue friends.

About The Author

img Chuck Dart
Chuck Dart started in the record retrieval business three decades ago. As the industry evolved from analog to digital, he recognized an opportunity to create a single, simple online solution that standardizes the record request and retrieval process across the entire healthcare industry.