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Important documents for filing a disability claim

In the United States, workers who were disabled due to an injury or illness can apply for financial support through the Social Security Disability

What lawyers need to prove in medical malpractice cases

The medical profession is one of the noblest of all, as doctors need to study their entire lives to keep up with the latest

Why are medical records important in a car accident insurance claim?

After suffering injuries from a car accident, your client may be counting on their auto insurance policy to pay off their medical bills and

Tips for handling workers’ compensation claims

If your client suffered a work-related injury or illness, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits that may cover the following: Medical expenses

How law firms can best deal with demanding clients

Law firms that have been in practice for a long time have had their fair share of demanding clients. These clients can range from

What lawyers need to know about how a medical chronology is prepared

The health and medical condition of a person is a combination of various factors ranging from genetics, past and present environmental conditions, and lifestyle,

Importance of medical images in personal injury cases

When a plaintiff accuses another party of harming them and causing them grievous injury, the burden of proof lies on that plaintiff. However, the

The role of medical records in workers’ compensation claims

Despite all safety measures that a business has in place, employees may still get into workplace accidents or suffer from work-related illnesses. When these

How law firms can save time and money by availing radiology imaging retrieval services

During court trials, many workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyers in the United States present ultrasounds, X-rays, and other radiology images that depict their

4 Great ways to use the Time you Save from Outsourcing Record Retrieval

Record retrieval can be a very clerical, procedural, time-consuming, and ultimately, unavoidable part of the legal process. It can involve funnelling hours into completing

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