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Time. There is never enough of it. Whether it’s a 12 hour workday, or a relaxing weekend at the beach with family, time gets away from us. And while that is something everyone feels, when you have a law practice, wasted time means money lost.

This is not purely a capitalist perspective. It is the primary function of the business of law, and keeping the practice solvent, ongoing, and able to provide a better practice.

It is the reality that whether or not you are even expecting to get paid, most likely people who work with and for you, usually are. Unless you a full-time pro-bono or court appointed law practitioner, you have expense, and your practice should be designed to maximize your stock and trade, which is time, not wasted time.

Think different for a minute – It won’t be wasted time (we promise).

For a brief moment, stop and think about how better organization of information prevents time wasted. You’re not bogged down by searching, whether for minutes or hours, trying to find information you need for your practice to fulfill the needs of its clients. It’s all well defined in structured real or even virtual folders.

Now think about resources. Just as your time is your stock and trade, so are your resources that your practice uses to get matters prepared, processed and eventually settled. Human capital as a resource is especially sensitive to wasted time. Waiting for status on actions by others brings no revenue. Nor does searching for information you need, and/or already have, do anything to prevent or reduce time wasted. Not only is this counter-productive, but it saps motivation from people to work hard, because they  cannot see the outcomes of their efforts are within reach.

We invite you now to think about all of facets of your practice, even though we can only truly help with one, but it’s likely a big one, that can cause wasted time. Whether your practice handles mass torts, personal injury or medical malpractice litigation, your clients medical records are the singular most time consuming part of preparing for the case – perhaps even defining if a case truly exists!

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About The Author

img Chuck Dart
Chuck Dart started in the record retrieval business three decades ago. As the industry evolved from analog to digital, he recognized an opportunity to create a single, simple online solution that standardizes the record request and retrieval process across the entire healthcare industry.