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Get medical records quickly to settle cases and claims faster.

We’ve provided hundreds of plaintiffs’ law firms with fast, easy access to complete medical records while freeing their staff to focus on more valuable work.



Simplify medical records retrieval with RRS.


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Send us your medical records request information through
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Record Retrieval Solutions saves us from having to hire staff to order, and track down records and bills from individual healthcare providers which previously had been very costly for our firm.”

-- Michael Vendrell, Lead Paralegal, Scranton Law Firm

Records are delivered in an average of 14 days.

  • Records are available for immediate download through our secure, encrypted online repository.
  • If allowed our licensed agents will pick up, copy, and digitize paper records (in California only).
  • Certificates of “No Records Found” are automatically issued.

Save even MORE time. Ask us to:

  • Deliver records to opposing counsel or other third parties
  • Provide the ability to search for specific keywords in your records using optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Bates label your records
  • Organize, sort and categorize your records
  • Create thorough and convenient indexes for your records

Get medical records summaries, treatment chronologies, provider reports and more.

Sophisticated reporting options that slash record review time and improve your ability to analyze case treatment structures.


Requesting Medical Records

Proven strategies for retrieving medical records for plaintiffs’ lawyers.

We send out your request within one business day of receiving all completed information and required forms.

You receive responses quickly because we ensure that a request’s wording, accompanying forms, and required payments are accurate and complete before we send it.

Our specialists are on friendly terms with many medical provider personnel, which helps speed the retrieval process. We’ve got the experience to find the right people to get requests processed quickly even if it’s our first time contacting a provider.


Proactive follow-through on records requests

Starting with confirming they’ve received your requests, we remain proactive and consistently follow up to ensure providers and records custodians are working to fulfill your request as quickly as possible.

Occasionally, a provider or custodian refuses to move quickly. If that happens, you save even more time and effort as we automatically persist with numerous follow-ups.

“We know that as soon as we send over a request for records, one of the RRS team will start working to get us our records as quickly as possible.”

-- Law Offices of Edward A. Smith


24/7 access to records retrieval status

We log every call we make and every letter we send requesting status updates. You are always in the know with 24/7 access to the status of your request through your online account dashboard.

“The part I love…is when the boss is asking about status…I can access the website and see all of the notes and the progression of contacts and attempts. That way I have an answer for him other than “I don’t know…let me call them.”

-- Cindy Lema, Shergill Law Firm


All records are verified and quality checked to ensure:

  • The patient identification information matches your request.
  • A complete set of the correct types of records were received (medical, billing, radiology, etc.).
  • The records are within the time frame requested.
  • The records are legible and not blurred, cut off or otherwise mangled by copiers or faxes.

If we detect any discrepancies, we let you know and immediately follow up with the provider at no additional charge to you.


HIPAA-compliant medical records requests and database security

We strictly adhere to all HIPAA regulations and have established advanced security protocols for all online activities. Learn more about our advanced security measures.

A smart cost records retrieval solution for plaintiffs’ firms

Pay a flat fee of $40 for each request. Any provider fees or copy service fees we pay upfront during the process are added to your invoice. In the end, you can recoup all costs as a case expense. Smart, simple and fair.

With RRS, you avoid the extra costs other services tack on for services you don’t actually receive. Read “The Truth About Medical Record Copy Fees” and learn about our Fair Pricing model.

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You receive much more than records.

Paralegals, legal assistants, and support staff have specialized training and education that adds to a firm’s value. But that value is not being realized when they rack up hours of non-billable time fruitlessly chasing medical records.

Transfer your firm’s non-billable tasks to us while support staff performs more rewarding (i.e., billable) work.

“Record Retrieval Solutions saves us from having to hire staff to order, and track down records and bills from individual healthcare providers which previously had been very costly for our firm. I highly recommend Record Retrieval Solutions.”

-- Michael Vendrell, Lead Paralegal, Scranton Law Firm

Our retrieval specialists can track down overlooked costs such as radiology or emergency room physician billing records for you.

Records are delivered in easy-to-manage PDF format through our secure online portal. Save space and money without the need to duplicate, store or ship paper records.

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