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Gain access to the complete medical records of your surrogate to help ensure the health and safety of your baby

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We understand that thorough evaluation of surrogate medical records is paramount for reputable surrogacy agencies. These records provide a detailed picture of a surrogate’s past and present health, allowing for early identification of potential pregnancy risks. This meticulous screening process safeguards the health of both the surrogate and the baby. Furthermore, transparent medical record review fosters trust between all parties involved in the surrogacy journey.

Record Retrieval Solutions offers a secure online portal for convenient management of your surrogate medical record requests. Easily submit requests, track progress in real time, and receive electronically delivered records that undergo meticulous verification for accuracy.

We understand the importance of timely access. Our streamlined process enables us to deliver records within 16 days, while our value-added services such as Bates labeling, sorting, categorization, and searchability enhance usability. Our experienced team leverages industry connections to overcome retrieval challenges from unresponsive providers, minimizing delays and ensuring transparency throughout the process.

Requesting medical records with RRS:

How it works

Simply submit your request through our secure online portal. Within one business day, our team will verify its completeness and accuracy before forwarding it directly to the relevant medical provider.

Simply submit your request through our secure online portal. Within one business day, our team will verify its completeness and accuracy before forwarding it directly to the relevant medical provider.


Proactive follow-through on record requests

After confirming your request, we consistently follow up with providers to ensure they prioritize it. If a delay occurs, we automatically initiate multiple follow-ups to expedite the process. We manage everything from start to finish in order to make the entire process fast and easy for you.

We know that as soon as we send over a request, the RRS team will start working to get us our records as quickly as possible.

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24/7 access to record request status

You can monitor the progress of your surrogate medical record request at any time through our client portal. We offer full transparency. All communication with the record providers — every call we make, every letter we send, and all of their replies — is logged, so you can stay informed on the status of your request.


All retrieved records are verified and quality checked to ensure:

If we find any issues, we let you know and immediately follow up with the provider at no additional cost to you.

Save even MORE time by having us:

Deliver records to opposing counsel or other third parties

Make your records keyword-searchable with OCR (optical character recognition)

Bates label your records

Organize, sort, and categorize your records

Create thorough and convenient indexes for your records

Discover all our services

Get medical record retrieval, treatment chronologies, provider reports, and more.

With RRS, you receive much more than efficient access to medical records

Transfer non-billable hours — like time spent chasing down record providers — to us, while you focus on performing more rewarding (i.e., billable) work.
Paralegals, legal assistants, and other support staff have specialized training and education that adds to a firm’s value. But that value is not being realized if they are busy with medical records.
Our retrieval specialists can track down overlooked costs such as radiology or emergency room physician billing records.
Records are delivered in easy-to-manage PDF format through our secure online portal. Save space and money without the need to duplicate, store, or ship paper records.

Effortless surrogate medical record retrieval with RRS

Get the medical records you need in just two easy steps:

Submit your request online: Simply upload your request through our secure online portal.

Download retrieved records: We’ll handle the retrieval process and notify you once your records are available for secure download from your encrypted online portal.