A Thanksgiving Thought for Personal Injury, Mass Tort and Class Action Lawyers

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A Thanksgiving Thought for Personal Injury, Mass Tort and Class Action Lawyers

Across America, most of us celebrate Thanksgiving today with family and close friends while also remembering those who once shared our table. It’s also a day many do not get to enjoy either because of workload or disabilities due to injuries sustained in an accident.

While the following may sound like a blatant advertisement, I assure you it is not. Instead it’s meant to remind the thousands of Personal Injury, Class Action and Mass Tort attorneys and firms of their impact on both their staffs and clients.

The spirit of this piece is not self-serving, so I will not reference our firm by name. However, help exists to expedite these cases and unload some of the workload pressure that your paralegals and associates are challenged to manage. By outsourcing medical record retrieval, those clients’ cases waiting for resolution and for some compensation for their pain and suffering can happen faster.

Instead, let us enjoy with good cheer today, hold friends and family close, and appreciate the good fare that our hard work has allowed.

But tomorrow, consider holding aside a few moments to plan for a way we can share today’s good feelings and bounty by helping our clients and our staffs with quick turnaround of their matters.

Happy Thanksgiving to All

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Chuck Dart started in the record retrieval business three decades ago. As the industry evolved from analog to digital, he recognized an opportunity to create a single, simple online solution that standardizes the record request and retrieval process across the entire healthcare industry.