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We at Record Retrieval Solutions appreciate that, as legal entities, our clients are ethically and professionally bound to protect the confidentiality and private information of their own clients, especially when it comes to health data. As record keepers and managers, we realize it’s absolutely essential that we hold ourselves to the same high standards our clients do when it comes to proper data management and utilization. After all, the promises our clients make to their clients are ours to uphold as their trustees.

Thus, we ensure that all records entrusted to us remain private and are kept absolutely secure. Every action we take complies with the strict laws and regulations we and our clients are governed by. Here are just some of the measures we take to ensure this remains so.

HIPAA compliance
At Record Retrieval Solutions, HIPAA is treated like a sacred text. Its tenets form the foundations of our entire business model, and our founder Chuck Dart consults it before developing any new retrieval processes and tools. Through strict compliance with HIPAA, we ensure that any personal health records we create, receive, maintain, or transmit are not only kept strictly confidential but readily made available to those with the proper clearance.

In addition, hewing to these regulations better enables us to identify and arm ourselves against any reasonably anticipated threats to the security and integrity of these records, and against their impermissible usage. We ensure and maintain this compliance, not only in our business policies and processes but also in our workforce.

Only US-based servers
Offshore servers often provide a cost-efficient option to record retrieval services, offering the same suite of services as US servers for a fraction of the cost. There’s just one small problem: foreign businesses aren’t subject to the same rules and regulations as their American counterparts, including HIPAA. You trust that they properly back up data, adequately protect records, and remain responsive to the requests of providers. But then, they might not — and if they don’t, you’re left with few to no options.

We at Record Retrieval Solutions don’t feel it’s a gamble worth betting on. We maintain our primary server in Texas, which has its data backed up thrice daily to a remote backup in Arizona. We spare no expense to keep our clients’ data safe and remain compliant.

Site and data encryption
Both our operating site and our data records are secured with top-of-the-line encryption solutions. We employ a 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for our site, to establish an impenetrable encrypted link between server and web browser. This ensures all information coming into and out of our site is transmitted securely.

Medical records and protected health information are at their most vulnerable when being accessed using mobile devices over open or unencrypted Wi-Fi hotspots. For this reason, we employ a 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) solution that ensures records can only be retrieved only via authorized requests.

User login and passwords
Sometimes, the simplest and oldest solutions work best. As required by HIPAA, data access can only be attained upon submission of a valid username and case-sensitive password. As an added security measure, multiple incorrect login attempts will trigger a built-in denial of access.

Java-based anti-URL phishing measures
Phishing is a method of cyberattack that involves tricking a legitimate user to give away sensitive information willingly. This process is more likely to happen when multiple URLs are in play, which opens up opportunities for hackers to steal data that remains static after a session ends.

We mitigate this through the use of a single URL that runs on Java technology, which allows data to be dynamically rendered while preventing tracking via URLs. Only a secure internal application can access records once they’re uploaded to our site and stored securely outside web folders.

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Chuck Dart started in the record retrieval business three decades ago. As the industry evolved from analog to digital, he recognized an opportunity to create a single, simple online solution that standardizes the record request and retrieval process across the entire healthcare industry.