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Security measures to look for in your record retrieval provider

We at Record Retrieval Solutions appreciate that, as legal entities, our clients are ethically and professionally bound to protect the confidentiality and private information

Paperwork required for a medical malpractice lawsuit

Did your client in the United States get hurt or suffer an injury because of the negligence of their doctor? Your client may be

5 Things you need to do to ensure HIPAA compliance

Patient health records (PHI) are highly valuable to cybercriminals bent on reselling stolen data on the dark web or committing identity theft. On top

Outsourced Record Retrieval – A PI Attorney’s View

Record Retrieval Solutions (RRS) is honored to present a guest blog from Personal Injury attorney John C. Miller, Jr. of Miller Injury Attorneys of

Workflow and Law Practice – A different view

Workflow – A lesson OF the NYSE vs. the NASDAQ OUCH! For the first two weeks of 2016, investors in the stock market have suffered through

2016 To-Do List for Law Firms

This 2016 To-Do List is a follow up of to our last blog on ensuring the adequate tracking of HIPAA compliance forms to avoid processing delays. You can

Medical Records Retrieval Specialist – A Security Checklist

The State Bar of CA recently published an article by Record Retrieval Solutions discussing how using a Medical Records Retrieval (MRR) service makes good

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