COVID-19 update: Is Record Retrieval Solutions business as usual?

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The United States is currently in the midst of a national health emergency with the COVID-19 pandemic. While these difficult times pose many challenges for law firms and insurance companies, you can rest assured that Record Retrieval Solutions is here and ready to support you.

We understand that you still need to serve your clients, and retrieving records is a crucial part of that process. That’s why we have taken measures to ensure that we continue our operations so that you can continue to rely on us.

We’re working remotely but still operate during regular business hours

To remain fully operational while keeping our employees safe, most of our staff are working from the comfort of their homes. Don’t worry, you can still expect the same exceptional customer service from us.

While a few medical offices have completely shut down due to strict stay-at-home orders, most are still operating to fulfill requests for records. Overall, our turnaround time for retrieving records remains very good.

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We’re working paperless with US medical providers

The last thing we want is to add stress on our healthcare practitioners who are very busy on the front lines. That’s why we’ve come up with an innovative solution to reduce the physical back and forth handling of paperwork — an online portal.

Using this HIPAA-compliant portal, our medical providers can securely download record requests, and upload the requested records.

We’ve added an exciting new website feature

While we’re still accepting check payments, we now accept online credit card payments as well. Not only that, but you can also use our payment portal to view your invoices and statements.

A lot of our clients are loving this new feature, and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

Using a record retrieval company allows your law firm or insurance company to do more, and reduce your overhead. Visit our website to learn more about our services, or call us at 209-485-9303 to get started.

About The Author

img Chuck Dart
Chuck Dart started in the record retrieval business three decades ago. As the industry evolved from analog to digital, he recognized an opportunity to create a single, simple online solution that standardizes the record request and retrieval process across the entire healthcare industry.