Medical record analysis: What is it and which type do you retrieve for your case?

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Many practicing attorneys in the United States handle a lot of medical malpractice and personal injury cases, both of which rely heavily on medical records. The problem is that these records tend to be long, complex, and full of medical jargon, making these hard to sort through and comprehend for people outside the medical field. This is where medical record analysis can greatly help lawyers like you win your cases.

What is medical record analysis?

Medical record analysis is the comprehensive search, review, evaluation, and interpretation of medical records in layman’s terms. It is conducted by professionals — typically physicians, registered nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare workers — who have a sound knowledge of medicine and experience in interpreting medical data.

Medical record analysis allows you to:

  • Identify missing, redacted, or incomplete medical records
  • Retrieve medical records that are indexed, paginated, and date stamped, and organized by facility, provider, date, document type, or customized data fields
  • Have a chronology of all medical events
  • List all medical providers
  • Review injuries
  • Identify contributing factors that led to alleged injuries
  • Analyze and compare witness reports
  • Identify standards of care and regulatory requirements
  • Receive professionally researched and summarized supporting medical literature
  • Read brief, fully referenced reports on medical facts and issues relevant to a case to screen that case for merit
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With medical record analysis, attorneys can identify a case’s strong and weak points quickly, easily, and more accurately.

What are the different types of medical record analysis?

  1. Chronology
    This is a timeline of the patient’s relevant medical history. It outlines all medical events relevant to the allegations, focusing solely on the facts. Unlike medical records, these are designed to be concise for easy reading for lawyers, juries, and the general public.

    A medical chronology would be helpful in cases where:

    • You want to review the dates as they pertain to an alleged injury.
    • You want to check if there is a pattern of care the claimant received.
    • You want to see if the claimant has undeclared prior medical history that may have contributed to the alleged injury.

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  1. SummaryThis is a comprehensive narrative summary of the following information:
    • Details on all medical professionals involved (who, what, when, where)
    • Laboratory tests and results undertaken by the claimant
    • Diagnoses of the claimant’s medical condition
    • Details on the treatment plans, surgeries, or medical devices (e.g., pacemaker) received and being received by the claimant
    • Types and dosages of medication that the claimant is taking or has taken

    A medical summary provides professional medical interpretation and opinion relevant to the case. It bridges the gap between what the records say and what these mean for your case.

    Request for this type of medical record analysis if:

    • You want a high-level overview of the case.
    • You need a summary of the medical facts to draft a settlement demand letter.
    • You want to focus on a particular set of plaintiff allegations that you think can prove your case.

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