Medical Records Retrieval Defined and Explained – Learn how it works

Everyone understands what constitutes your medical records, but not everyone can recite what is meant by medical records retrieval. Simply put, medical records are any documents, files, images, or other information which are created or collected for a patient by a physician or a hospital/healthcare representative.

medical recordsIn today's computer based communications world, medical records are being stored more and more in digital format. Slowly but surely, the boxes of files you would see behind the receptionist's desk are disappearing. They are being scanned into a database in an electronic folder - like a "virtual" version of the paper folder that was hanging on the wall.

Why is this happening? First and foremost is security. With the passing of HIPPA laws in the US, it is far more easier for a physician or hospital to not only store but keep track of the status of your medical records. This ensures they are in compliance with the laws governing the transportation and storage of medical records.

Next is cost. Storing paper takes up space. You could store the equivalent of over 1000 file cabinets on a single computer drive. It also makes it easy for transporting your records from one physician to another who may be asked to consult on your condition.

Finally let's look at the retrieval part. If your client was involved in an accident and as their attorney needed to request copies of their medical records, there are businesses that support those law firms by providing a service. They have relationships with hospitals and healthcare workers to simplify the process and work on getting your client's medical records to you in a secure and proper fashion, and again, to be in compliance with the government healthcare rules of compliance.

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