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Digital technology has irrevocably enhanced the ways businesses operate and function. Now, more information is available at employees’ fingertips than ever thanks to the internet, enhancing their capabilities and eliminating time-consuming processes like sourcing or exchanging information between teams. As reserves of information have grown, though, managing and accessing these assets effectively has become a task in and of itself. With so many records available in online repositories, finding the right one threatens to become as complex as obtaining the information before the advent of the internet.

Thankfully, this doesn’t need to be a complication for your team to worry about. By outsourcing record retrieval to specialists, your law firm or insurance agency can guarantee the same streamlined experience exists for your teams, no matter how large or complex the repositories get. In doing so, we at Record Retrieval Solutions ensure that their time is spent on the productive activities that are their bread and butter.

Here are a few ways by which Record Retrieval Solutions will save you money and add value to your business:

Expediting processes and saving time

Let’s say one of your teams needs access to a specific document pertaining to an important aspect of a case. In the absence of any measures in place, one of the team members needs to take time out to find and obtain the relevant document, time that they could instead use to aid the rest of their team in productive work. When this happens at scale, it translates to reduced productivity for your team, decreasing the overall number of cases they can complete within the same span of time.

When weighed against the costs of investing a solution tailored to this process, you’ll find that the increased productivity ultimately translates to a better bottom line for your business. The alternative is to hire someone internally, specifically to perform this function, but in most cases, this doesn’t prove to be cost-effective.

Minimizing errors

Record retrieval is not always simple and sometimes requires certain procedures to be followed strictly. A risk of in-house record retrieval is that failure to follow proper procedure can lead to significant delays in obtaining records. These delays can translate to losses in productivity for your teams or even a hit to the reputation of your firm if the information is not obtained in time for important deadlines — both of which can lead to massive costs.

As specialists, we at Record Retrieval Solutions will ensure that these documents are always obtained ontime and under the right circumstances. We’ll also draw on our experience to proactively analyze your requests for completeness. When we think that a particular document or record seems relevant to a case but hasn’t been requested, we’ll flag it with you. This way, we preempt additional requests stemming from incompleteness.

Storage and organization

In addition to record retrieval, we also store any documents we retrieve on your behalf on our servers as part of the service offered. This prevents you from having to devote any of your bandwidth to their storage, which becomes a significant figure the more cases are involved. We also take the necessary security measures: encrypting, protecting, and backing up the files.

Having to leaf through records that have been obtained and ensuring that they’re organized is another potentially time-consuming process that could hamper your teams’ productivity and profitability. We ensure that when records are delivered to you, they’ve been summarized, ordered, and compiled appropriately, saving your teams the hassle and better enabling them to glean the necessary information from these records.

What’s more, when we perform record retrievals on behalf of your firm, we provide full visibility to their status. Our records are updated in real time, and we’ll ensure that your teams will be able to check the status of any given request 24/7.

This all translates to serious cost savings, so save your firm the hassle and create an account with Record Retrieval Solutions today to take care of all your retrieval needs.

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  • Industry best practices followed by only the highest quality service providers
  • Specific types of information only experienced providers can easily produce
  • Key factor to look for to ensure you check every item off your to-do list

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