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3 Tips for medical record retrieval after a car accident

Medical record retrieval is an important step after a car accident. In the United States, medical records are required for insurance claims, court trials,

Outsourced Record Retrieval – A PI Attorney’s View

Record Retrieval Solutions (RRS) is honored to present a guest blog from Personal Injury attorney John C. Miller, Jr. of Miller Injury Attorneys of

3 Magic Tricks for Personal Injury Attorneys

Summary: Sometimes legal work requires magic to make problems disappear. Unlike theatrical magicians, attorneys cannot use redirection or spools of colored silk scarves to

Passable Legal Expenses Explained

Expenses incurred during the process of litigation are not always passable. What are passable expenses? In every kind of professional services business, there are

5 Tips for Improved Client Satisfaction Personal Injury Cases – Part 2

Summary: There are ever-thinning margins for small to mid-size law firms litigating for a personal injury client. They, and their insurance claims counterparts, need to consider ways to

Workflow and Law Practice – A different view

Workflow – A lesson OF the NYSE vs. the NASDAQ OUCH! For the first two weeks of 2016, investors in the stock market have suffered through

No Spam for Thanksgiving 2015 – We Promise.

Summary: RRS creates an offer – no spam, just our way of helping others. Sometimes you read what writers call blogs but they are

Top Ten Great End of Year Record Retrieval Tips

While it’s hard to believe, 2015 is almost in the rear view mirror. As the end of the 4rd quarter quickly approaches, this is

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