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The records custodian needs only to drag and drop the medical images into our secure portal.



You get secure remote access to easily view, download, and share your radiology and medical images anytime.

Effortlessly share medical images with authorized parties.

Access medical images any time, using any browser, and on any device.

View images using a standardized, full-featured viewer – no plugins or extensions required.

Give clients, medical experts, and counterparties secure remote access to medical images.

  • Simplify and reduce the cost of producing medical images to opposing counsel and third parties.
  • Make remote expert consultations more productive with shared online viewing.
  • Plus, you can continue to save images to CDs if you’d like.

A faster, more cost-efficient way to get medical images

Healthcare providers also prefer an easier diskless image transfer process
and can respond to requests faster.

Weeks of mailing and faxing
request letters

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Expensive overnight shipments

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Broken, lost or damaged CDs

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The quickest, easiest, and most secure way to request, receive, and share
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