After handling medical record requests internally for years, it became obvious that I needed to improve our system. My staff devoted numerous hours getting the appropriate contact information for each provider, actually ordering the records and then following-up on the status of the requests with each provider. Often times, a second or even a third request would be required before we actually received the records.

Deciding to outsource the retrieval process, I found Record Retrieval Solutions ( “RRS”). I reached out to Chuck Dart and after a brief conversation, knew that his company was a good option for me. It has become obvious over these past months, that I made the right decision. The turnaround times from the initial orders to actually receiving the records has been remarkable. The ordering process is an on-line web base system. My staff can track the status of each request at any time and download the records upon receipt. Bottom line, moving to an automated system with RRS has allowed my firm to realize cost savings. I feel that choosing RRS was the right option for my firm.

Mark T Hurt
The Law Offices of Mark T Hurt