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Importance of medical images in personal injury cases

When a plaintiff accuses another party of harming them and causing them grievous injury, the burden of proof lies on that plaintiff. However, the

The role of medical records in workers’ compensation claims

Despite all safety measures that a business has in place, employees may still get into workplace accidents or suffer from work-related illnesses. When these

How law firms can save time and money by availing radiology imaging retrieval services

During court trials, many workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyers in the United States present ultrasounds, X-rays, and other radiology images that depict their

Importance of medical records summaries for lawyers

Medical records play a highly crucial role in personal injury lawsuits and workers compensation claims. They establish your client’s health condition before, during, and

How the pandemic has changed legal practice in America

With more and more people getting vaccinated in the United States, a lot of COVID-19 restrictions have already been lifted. Everywhere, there are signs

The challenges of using radiology images in litigation

To strengthen their case during court trials, personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys often rely on MRIs, CT scans, and other radiology images that

6 Tasks insurance companies should outsource

In today’s extremely competitive business environment, US companies must constantly find ways to “cut the fat” so they can focus on core operations that

4 Disruptive technologies in the insurance industry

In today’s cutthroat insurance industry, US insurers are constantly on the lookout for technologies that can help them improve their efficiency, keep up with

What law firms need to know about HIPAA

Does your law firm deal with medical records and other protected health information (PHI)? If it does, then you may be subject to the

The importance of medical records for insurance companies

Insurance companies play a key role in keeping people financially secure amidst life’s uncertainties, such as illnesses, accidents, and deaths. They pay out claims

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