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Why should your record retrieval provider’s record portal be HIPAA-compliant?

Medical documentation is vital to the work of law firms and insurance companies. Law firms, for example, use medical records to win medical malpractice

Common questions insurance companies have about record retrieval services

Insurance companies rely heavily on records to serve their customers. For health insurance plans, for instance, medical records allow them to evaluate an applicant’s

5 Common medical record challenges law firms experience

Medical records often play a role in cases of all types and natures. As such, their retrieval and management are key functions for most

Why your law firm should consider legal process outsourcing

Ours is a world of increasing specialization. The market has shifted towards providers who focus their efforts and resources toward a narrower area of

Legal practice trends to look out for in 2021

The past year has been full of drastic upheavals, both for the legal profession and for society at large. As people struggle to adjust

4 Great ways to use the Time you Save from Outsourcing Record Retrieval

Record retrieval can be a very clerical, procedural, time-consuming, and ultimately, unavoidable part of the legal process. It can involve funnelling hours into completing

5 Signs you should Outsource Record Retrieval

As the adage goes, time is money. This holds more true for businesses than for almost anything else, with their ultimate objective being to

What you need to know about litigation support

A term like “litigation support,” due to its own breadth and applicability, can often instigate questions about exactly what it entails. It leaves many

12 Tech tools law firms should utilize

Ever since we’ve had rules to govern society, we’ve needed people to stand up and ensure that those rules are applied fairly and justly

Security measures to look for in your record retrieval provider

We at Record Retrieval Solutions appreciate that, as legal entities, our clients are ethically and professionally bound to protect the confidentiality and private information

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