Top medical records retrieval tips for law firms

You need all the time you can get to put together a compelling case, but if a lot of that time is being spent on retrieving important documents, then it won’t take long before the costs start piling up and delays become a part of the process. Retrieving medical records has traditionally been one of the most time-consuming steps of all, partly due to compliance processes and a lack of standardization and completeness with many records.

5 Ways outsourcing records retrieval can save you money

Whether insurance providers need to request medical records to support claims or attorneys need official records to put together a legal case, records retrieval has traditionally been a cumbersome and time-consuming task.

It’s something that in-house teams often struggle with, particularly in the case of smaller businesses that might not have a department dedicated to the task.

How to streamline medical records retrieval

Medical records retrieval is a vital process for healthcare providers and insurance companies, but it’s something that takes a fair bit of time due to the sensitive nature of the information involved. That’s why it’s so important to have a clearly defined plan for requesting and managing records retrievals, which includes full end-to-end processing and auditing.

5 Things you need to do to ensure HIPAA compliance

Patient health records (PHI) are highly valuable to cybercriminals bent on reselling stolen data on the dark web or committing identity theft. On top of that, they also contain sensitive information which is subject to stringent privacy regulations. Healthcare providers and any associates handling PHI on their behalf must therefore adhere to the rules of the HIPAA regulation.

8 Critical Details to Track When Obtaining Medical Records

Requesting medical records for legal and insurance purposes is as much an art as it is a science. Longtime practitioners develop intricate systems for tracking the progress of requests they send out, with letter-perfect templates and pop-up reminders at all the right intervals to ensure they receive thorough and accurate records.