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Patient health records (PHI) are highly valuable to cybercriminals bent on reselling stolen data on the dark web or committing identity theft. On top of that, they also contain sensitive information which is subject to stringent privacy regulations. Healthcare providers and any associates handling PHI on their behalf must
You’ve got enough on your plate. Too much, really. Yet, you still occasionally hear the rumblings of a legal technology revolution in progress. Somewhere, out there, the wide world of legal technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. New apps and platforms are becoming available all the time
Requesting medical records for legal and insurance purposes is as much an art as it is a science. Longtime practitioners develop intricate systems for tracking the progress of requests they send out, with letter-perfect templates and pop-up reminders at all the right intervals to ensure they receive thorough and
Chip away at office time wasters and tip the scales in the favor of workflow efficiency in your law firm. Try these 3 easy ways to save 5 minutes in your law office. Feel less stressed by managing your inbox, using shortcuts in Word, and keeping information handy with
When the RRS team was preparing for the Consumer Attorneys of California Donald L. Galine Conference at Lake Tahoe, NV last June, we received positive response to our Free Your Staff  tag line. Sometimes it took a little explaining, primarily for solo or very small practices. It is our

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