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The future of electronic medical records: 4 trends to watch in 2020

Electronic medical records (EMRs) retrieval has been an arduous, yet vital task for litigators and insurance companies. But it no longer has to involve

How does the HITECH Act affect medical records retrieval?

For decades, medical records retrieval was a long and time-consuming task that caused backlogs of work for litigators, insurers, and others. But in 2009,

Outsourced Record Retrieval – A PI Attorney’s View

Record Retrieval Solutions (RRS) is honored to present a guest blog from Personal Injury attorney John C. Miller, Jr. of Miller Injury Attorneys of

Outsourcing – A Better Way to manage (parts) of your law practice

Say the word outsource, and depending on your age and occupation, it brings back bad memories. Back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s,

5 Tips for Improved Client Satisfaction Personal Injury Cases – Part 2

Summary: There are ever-thinning margins for small to mid-size law firms litigating for a personal injury client. They, and their insurance claims counterparts, need to consider ways to

Workflow and Law Practice – A different view

Workflow – A lesson OF the NYSE vs. the NASDAQ OUCH! For the first two weeks of 2016, investors in the stock market have suffered through

No Spam for Thanksgiving 2015 – We Promise.

Summary: RRS creates an offer – no spam, just our way of helping others. Sometimes you read what writers call blogs but they are

Partnering Redefined

Summary: Partnering. Everyone needs a resource they can depend on whether they collaborate once a day or once a year. This post explains how partners

Wasted Time is Money Lost. Get them both back now.

Time. There is never enough of it. Whether it’s a 12 hour workday, or a relaxing weekend at the beach with family, time gets

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