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For decades, medical records retrieval was a long and time-consuming task that caused backlogs of work for litigators, insurers, and others. But in 2009, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) act was ratified in an attempt to simplify and streamline the process in accordance with
Summary: RRS creates an offer – no spam, just our way of helping others. Sometimes you read what writers call blogs but they are really just thinly veiled ads. I even got plain old SPAM cleverly concealed as a blog. I like to think that our blog posts are
Summary: Partnering. Everyone needs a resource they can depend on whether they collaborate once a day or once a year. This post explains how partners can be leveraged to assist when you need them most. There was a time in America long ago, that craftsman made fine furniture, created unique
Time. There is never enough of it. Whether it’s a 12 hour workday, or a relaxing weekend at the beach with family, time gets away from us. And while that is something everyone feels, when you have a law practice, wasted time means money lost. This is not purely a capitalist

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