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A term like “litigation support,” due to its own breadth and applicability, can often instigate questions about exactly what it entails. It leaves many attorneys wondering exactly what it means when they contract a firm to provide litigation support. Naturally, this lack of clarity can cause confusion and prevent them from building a robust strategy for an upcoming litigation case.

Simply put, litigation support spans beyond simple record retrieval; it also involves assistance with the discovery process on pending litigation cases. This includes forensic accounting, legal photography, or any task relating to preparation for a case.

Ultimately, litigation support is aimed at enhancing an attorney’s ability to prepare for a litigation case. This involves helping them build a stronger case, gaining more insights into a claim, or improving the trial presentation. The following are among the core functions involved in litigation support.

Subpoena and citation service

This involves handing out subpoenas and citations on behalf of clients. This frees them up from mundane tasks and enables them to focus more time and effort on the more strategic, specialized aspects of case preparation. Some litigation support service providers also specialize in locating hard-to-find witnesses or parties, should a client need help with particularly difficult instances.

Record retrieval

Requesting records can often be the most time-consuming task for attorneys. Thus, enabling clients to outsource this part of the process can provide much needed time and mental space to devote to the more nuanced parts of litigation preparation. As with the above, specialized retrieval personnel may also be on hand to assist with dealing with certain agencies or types of records.

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Trial presentation assistance

Gathering data and testimony is only one aspect of the preparation for a litigation case; figuring out how best to present that data is just as important. Litigation support helps with this as well, offering photography, videography, trial boards, and other services that can enhance the presentation of the data in trial.


Litigation support providers also aid in the discovery process through a variety of electronic tools and technologies, resulting in an enhanced process called eDiscovery. This is carried out by specialists with extensive knowledge of the legal process and can pair the technology with distinct discovery methods and strategies.

Software and hardware access

In addition to providing the technologies and platforms used in eDiscovery, litigation support offers clients access to programs that aid in other aspects of case preparation, including forensic accounting, research, data processing, and data management. Use of hardware, such as electronic databases that can be used in organizing evidence and case files, is also provided as part of the service.

General consulting

Consulting services regarding any aspect of case preparation, consisting of discovery and beyond, are also offered to attorneys as part of litigation support. Given this, providers of litigation support can fall under any of the below categories:

  • Database administrators – They handle data extraction, processing, and reporting, as well as manage electronic databases.
  • Records retrieval specialists – They obtain records from government agencies, businesses, and organizations.
  • Project managers – They liaise directly with the clients and ensure that all milestones and tasks are achieved on time.
  • Servers – They perform the service of citations, subpoenas, and depositions on written questions, as well as deliver documents to the courthouse.
  • Vendor managers – They manage relationships with partners and internal affairs. They also decide what tools to invest in and determine the firm’s service suite.
  • Creative experts – They provide their expertise on trial presentations, leveraging their understanding of design principles and human psychology to maximize the presentation’s impact. They can have skills in copywriting, graphic design, videography, or photography.

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